Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fate was a fickle bitch. Or at least that's how Zoey Morgan saw it. As a witch old enough to know better, yet sexier for any man to resist, she was tired of running. From her past. From the pain. But especially from her worst nightmare. Unfortunately, she'd been doing it so long, she wasn't sure how to stop.

Until an ex-military wolf-shifter crossed her path. But to say Ryan Taylor was a jaded breed of his own would be quite the understatement. Seemed his past, too, was riddled with enough cynicism to making trusting a gal like Zoey not an easy feat. Still, his innate drive to protect an innocent was as intrinsic as the act of breathing, which made leaving her to face her demons alone harder than any covert mission.
Their fiery mutual attraction didn't help. It doesn't take long for the sparks and fur to fly as they fall head over paws while engaging a deadly nemesis. Will love be in their cards, or just another tragedy?

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